This is the newest Wingamm model and therefore our most innovative compact camper yet. It has been designed as a multipurpose vehicle, to enable more people to explore new horizons.

The external size of City-Suite matches the dimensions of a classic Fiat Ducato van; 5.99 m long and 2.05 m wide.

At first glance, one could compare it with the numerous “pure campers” or “fitted vans” that conventional production is now offering on the market as a “compact product”, often with bizarre solutions.

Take a good look at it: The City-Suite is a stylish camper with a unique personality.

City-Suite: agile, dynamic, ready for the thousand challenges of the City!


City-Suite retains the engine and cab of the Fiat Ducato, but intstead of being a panel van conversion,  it has a Wingamm fibreglass monocoque bodyshell smoothly integrated with the cab, so compared to a panel van it offers superior thermal insulation and acoustic comforts guaranteed by our W-Technology.

Another benefit is that instead of a huge sliding door of a Ducato van, the City-Suite has a solid Wingamm entrance door made of double-shell insulated fibreglass which uses the vehicle’s automotive locking system.

The rear wall does not go unnoticed either!

Rather than the two swing doors typically used in vans, we chose a natural fibreglass wing door for access to the large rear locker.

The external hatches and hatches are fitted with the W-Safety Block System.


As part of our great attention to convenience and driving comfort, we chose a smaller 3.8 m wheelbase compared to the more usual 4.0 m one used for vans.

This gives it a smaller turning circle to make it easier and more practical to use every day.

Our fibreglass monocoque bodyshell also gives a larger internal volume compared to a standard van conversion, so it is a truly functional, more comfortable and versatile design.

furnishings and interiors

The interior offers a stylish and unconventional design, with a bold choice of the interior furniture made with multilayered polar surfaces covered with HPL laminated surfaces with a new TOUCHER finish.


The kitchen unit to the right of the entrance door has an ultra-modern design with a steel sink, a two-burner hob, a cover that closes flush with the work surface, and a 96L Trivalent refrigerator.


At the front, above the driver’s cab, there are a series of very useful storage cupboards styled to provide continuity with the rest of the interior design.

There is a two-seater dinette opposite the kitchen unit plus two swivel “captain chair” cab seats, so it can seat a total of four people.


The standard City-Suite comes with a transverse double bed at the rear, above the large storage area.

As the walls are made with double-shell fibreglass and heated with our special X-Trafit system you benefit from maximum thermal insulation so you are as comfortable as possible – at any time of the year.

The large access hatch in the rear wall makes loading things into the storage area very simple, but if you want more storage space, there’s the option of the special “E-Line” electric bed-lifting system, so the bed can be raised higher to increase the loading volume to suit your needs.


The toilet compartment, located in the centre of the interior, is made of solid fibreglass and HPL laminated surfaces in the TOUCHER version, with amazing ergonomics and functionality.

There is a toilet and a shower area has a separate single-control mixer tap and rod.

camper city suite


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