Wingamm l'azienda

Wingamm Service Centre

As well as being an elegant and welcoming showroom where clients can take a look at our motorhomes and caravans, our display area in Settimo di Pescantina is also a Service Centre with a modern, fully-equipped workshop with a team of expert, specialist technicians available for servicing work, warranty repairs, installing accessories, annual scheduled checks, and changes or repairs to all Wingamm models that are still on the road.

The administrative and commercial offices are housed inside the Expo Center in Settimo di Pescantina, about 3 km from the production plant.

At the Expo Centre you can book a test-drive or even rent one of our vehicles and personally try out the Winamm Exclusive Travel Experience.

The centre is equipped with:

A spacious parking area for campers and caravans

Handy access routes for campers and caravans

Lifting bridges for recreational vehicles

Original Wingamm spare parts always in stock

WINGAMM headquarters

Since 1977, in the heart of the Valpolicella area of Italy, we have been constantly working to make a difference

Since 1977, Wingamm has been making compact coachbuilt campers with a monocoque fibreglass bodyshell from its production site in Arbizzano near Verona.

This is a wonderful and hilly area, full of culture, fine wine and food, covering an area 240 km north-west of Verona.

Our plant in Arbizzano is home to all our design, prototyping and production of Wingamm campers and caravans.

The only activities that are not carried out on site are the moulding and painting of the monocoque bodywork.

These two activities are outsourced to professional partners who are specialists in moulding and painting fibreglass products.

All the production units are located in the plant:

The light framing unit where the vehicle’s chassis is prepared, this is where the monocoque bodyshell is assembled and the drop-down bed mechanism is installed – the monocoque bodyshell is precisely mounted in the very first stages of production, rather than at the end, as is the usually the case with motorhomes with traditional body panels. All the furniture, systems and accessories are installed accurately and with great care inside the monocoque. Indeed, the monocoque is a self-bearing structure made out a single shell – unlike traditional motorhomes made of a set of panels assembled at the end of production and held together by the furniture.

The carpentry department is the beating heart of the company where all the furniture is made, assembled and installed with a special structural gluing system

The finishing department, where the systems and accessories are installed

The quality control department where, at the end of production, the tests to check all the systems and accessories are in good working order are carried out

The production site is also home to the design and prototyping department, which is in constant and direct contact with production so it can promptly provide updates and improvements.

Twice a year we organise factory tours, during which we illustrate the plant and the whole production process of a Wingamm camper or caravan.