• Fahrzeug: Fiat Ducato Euro 6D Temp
  • Length: 5.890 mm
  • Rear overhang: 1.300 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3.643 mm
  • Steering radius: 13.20
  • Anzahl der genehmigten Plätze: 4
  • Beds: 4
  • Gesamtgewicht: 3.500 kg

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper

The comfort, the style and security of your own home wherever you go.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper

When in 2009 we dreamed of the Brownie range for the first time, the goal to achieve was: “INTENSELY COMPACT”.

We therefore thought of a compact monocoque bodywork, with a new decisive, muscular and sporty line to be combined with the Fiat Ducato AND very light Al-Ko lowered chassis.

The AL-KO chassis also has independent suspension.

The low centre of gravity increases stability while driving and the wider wheel track considerably increases the vehicle’s grip and roadholding.

The independent suspension with longitudinal axle, torsion bar and special dual-stage shock absorbers make the driving attitude of the AL-KO AMC chassis closer to that of a car than a motorhome.

For efficient performances you need to eliminate unnecessary weight and the Brownie models on the Alko frame are really ultra-light! They convince in terms of consumption as well !

The monocoque has a sporty line and a short overhang for breathtaking performance in total safety. To reach any destination, to get to the city center, to park anywhere.

Brownie is the quintessence of the W – Extraordinary Journey philosophy!

The challenge was to create very compact, handy, light motorhomes to drive and park like great cars, but then spacious inside with functional, comfortable and bright interiors without compromises.


This family-orientated layout is the best-selling model of the Brownie range. Superbly sized at just 5.9 m long, with the lowered AL-KO chassis and a 3.6 m wheelbase pitch, it immediately marks its presence.

Clearly a Wingamm from a distance as well!

This is the most compact family camper on the market (just 5.90 metres long) that provides extremely comfortable sleeping solutions for 4 people and has a rear garage compartment.

The interior features an intentionally minimalistic design, made with light polar multilayered surfaces coupled with resistant HPL laminated surfaces in the light and bright Toucher version.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


The Brownie 5.8 GL features two, completely separate, sleeping areas: the drop-down bed at the front and the bunk beds at the back, so everyone has their own privacy. The walls of the area at the back are made with double-shell fibreglass and are heated with our special X-Trafit system. This means maximum thermal efficiency for a comfortable and relaxing interior. If the bottom bed at the back is not required, the bunk beds can quickly and easily turn into a large garage compartment to transport bicycles, scooters, camping equipment and everything you need for a holiday out in the open air.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


Step inside the central entrance door and the kitchen unit is immediately to the right, extending up to the seats in the cab.

Essential and functional, the kitchen comes with a two-burner hob and a cover that fits flush with the work surface, plus a Trivalent 96L refrigerator.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


Opposite the kitchen, on the nearside of the vehicle, there is a wide and convenient double dinette with a central table.

Upon request, it is also available with the “L-shaped dinette” variant.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


The longitudinal drop-down double bed, patented by Wingamm, comes with slats and a memory foam mattress for maximum comfort, and is quick and easy to pull-down manually.

Duvets and pillows can be left in place so the bed is always ready to use, and as it is longitudinal, it is possible to get in or out of bed without disturbing your partner.

The side roof lockers can also be reached from the drop-down bed: this is the drop-down bed “par excellence”!

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


The central toilet compartment is made of solid fibreglass and HLP laminate.

The ivory-coloured fibreglass sink console offers plenty of space, and there is a separate shower area with a separate single-control mixer tap.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


The standard Brownie has a traditional dinette with a central table on the left hand side of the vehicle (opposite the kitchen).

Upon request, the Brownie can be ordered with an L-shaped dinette which gives a more open feel with more floorspace in the lounge.

Instead of the two sofas facing each other, the L-shaped dinette has a one long sofa with rectangular table that can be shifted to your preferred position.

This variant has swivel seats in the front cab to add a further choice of seats for the lounge area.

Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper
Camper Brownie - Nicht kategorisiert - Camper


The Grand-Garage variant replaces the standard bunk beds of the Brownie 5.8GL with a dedicated, large rear garage instead. The compartment goes from floor to ceiling and is made entirely of X-Trafit System fibreglass, and is heated.

It is fitted with a series of storage units on the side walls, above the external hatches, and on the rear wall, above the window.

A door provides easy access to the garage compartment from the lounge.

This is a truly sporty version of the Brownie 5.8GL aimed at active tourists who need to take lots of extra equipment with them!


Cover Brownie


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