This is undoubtedly the best-selling camper of our Oasis 610 range.

  • Véhicule: Fiat Ducato Euro 6D Temp
  • Length: 6.103 mm
  • Rear overhang: 1.355 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3.800 mm
  • Steering radius: 13.90
  • Nb de places approuvées: 4
  • Beds: 4
  • Poids total: 3.500 kg

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car

The comfort, the style and security of your own home wherever you go.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car

With most conventional motorhomes in Europe often more than 7 metres long, it is easy to understand why a 6.10 m camper is considered “compact”. Conventional manufacturers have also introduced “compact solutions” but these are rarely more than just a “fully equipped van”, which is still a van.

At Wingamm, we have been specialising in truly compact campers (e.g. body lengths of just 5.25 m) for the last 40 years, and consider a length of 6.10 m to be perfectly practical and exciting thanks to our clever designers.

The Oasi 610 range includes  models, each with very different interior layouts plus a range of variants.

The models of the Oasi 610 range have an entrance door and external hatches fitted with the “Safety Block System” central locking utilising the added security offered by using the base vehicle’s automotive-standard locks.

The Oasi 610 range has suitably compact models, all with a Fiat Ducato base, a 3.80 m wheelbase, with an extremely short rear overhang, a wider wheel track and 16” tyres to give maximum grip on the road.


For travelers of the 21st century, lightness and comfort move the world.

What’s more beautiful than traveling light and compact and with everything you need ?

Oasi 610 ST features two completely separate sleeping areas: a drop-down bed at the front and the bunk beds at the back, so if there are four people travelling, everyone has some privacy.

The double-shell fibreglass walls at the back are heated with our special X-Trafit system for maximum thermal comfort for a comfortable night’s sleep.

If the bottom bunk bed is not necessary, with a simple step, this area can be turned into a large garage compartment to transport bicycles, scooters, camping equipment and everything you need for a holiday out in the open air.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


The sinuous, bright and light furnishings are designed to achieve the most functional use of space and unparalleled comfort.

The furniture decorations can be chosen among our many proposals. Because after all, everyone chooses a product that represents him/her and reflects his/her personality.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


The kitchen unit has an ultra-modern design with a worktop made entirely of fibreglass, including a large and functional sink with a Wingamm Teflon chopping board/cover. It also has a two-burner hob with a cover that closes flush with the work surface, plus a 96L Trivalent fridge.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


La dinette large et accueillante en forme de L est disponible avec un choix de tissus «jacquard».

La table ovale de dinette est fixée à une unité de base mobile de sorte qu'elle puisse être déplacée à n'importe quelle position désirée.

Les sièges de cabine de «style capitaine» peuvent pivoter pour ajouter plus de sièges pour se divertir dans le salon.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


Le lit double rabattable longitudinal, breveté par Wingamm, est livré avec des lattes et un matelas en mousse à mémoire de forme et est rapide et facile à tirer vers le bas ou à remonter manuellement.

Les couettes et les oreillers peuvent être laissés en place pour que le lit soit toujours prêt à être utilisé, et le fait d'être longitudinal facilite l'entrée ou la sortie du lit sans déranger un partenaire.

Les casiers de toit latéraux sont toujours accessibles depuis le lit escamotable, et avec la fenêtre de toit SkyView (qui s'ouvre), vous pouvez vous endormir en regardant les étoiles:

c'est le lit de pavillon «par excellence»!

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


The Oasi 610 GL’s toilet compartment truly exceeds expectations!

Fabriqué avec des surfaces stratifiées HPL et en fibre de verre, il offre un grand évier avec un mitigeur à commande unique, un compartiment de rangement spacieux derrière le miroir et un WC en céramique.

La cabine de douche spacieuse est complètement séparée du compartiment des toilettes, séparée par une porte rigide.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


The Grand-Garage variant significantly modifies the rear area of the Oasi 610 ST where, in the standard version, it offers bunk beds.

The Grand Garage features the elimination of bunk beds and the closure of the rear area, which becomes a large garage space from floor to ceiling, all made of heated X-Trafit System fiberglass.

The Grand-Garage is equipped with cupboards on the side walls above the external doors and on the rear wall above the window.

A door gives the possibility to access from the leaving area to the garage compartment.

Contemporary design and technical excellence are the cornerstones of this truly sporty variant of Oasis 610 aimed at the most active tourists.

Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car
Camper Oasi 610 GL - Non classé - camping-car


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