The Garage X-Trafit System project came about in 2009, initially with the aim of highlighting the extremely sporty and practical feel of the Brownie 5.5 GL that had just been introduced as an ultra-compact camper (measuring just 5.90 m long) with a rear garage (created by transforming the bunk beds) that could rival much bigger motorhomes.

The garage had to be extremely practical, resistant to heavy use, waterproof and easy to clean after travelling with sports equipment used for truly extreme pursuits. 

At the same time, the garage area had to be heated and insulated to ensure those sleeping in bunk beds at the back stay warm and comfortable – unlike some other motorhomes with a garage compartment where thermal comfort is often very poor!

So we designed a fibreglass single-unit capsule that fully covers the floor and the inner walls of the garage.

The garage compartment is heated by a pipe of hot air in the gap created between the inner capsule and the wall of the monocoque.

The Garage X-Trafit technology is the best- performing one on the market in terms of thermal comfort and waterproofness.

The internal capsule, a single fibreglass unit, significantly improves the overall finish inside the garage compartment: why line a garage compartment with PVC or even a carpet, given how it will be used?

After 2009, the Garage X-Trafit system was fitted to all Wingamm models with garage compartments.