Oasi Range

Our most articulated range reaches new levels of excellence in terms of design, comfort and artisan care.
The eye-catching design of the monocoque bodywork combined with the refined and ergonomic interiors, offering unmatched performances.
Comfort, materials and technologies of the highest level for extraordinary travel experiences.


The internal design, accessories and details make all our products unique and exclusive to fulfil all our clients’ dreams.

Interiors with plenty of opportunities for customisation.

For all our product ranges we have a number of variants and customisations to make every Wingamm product unique and original.

All our interiors are designed and manufactured directly by Wingamm.

The main objective in the design of the furniture is to maximize the use of the interior spaces and obtain a functional and comfortable layout even in very small spaces.

The minimal design, the clean lines, the extremely light colors are not only a stylistic touch, but a very precise choice to lighten, illuminate and give volume to a really small ambient.

….magical atmospheres…

The furniture is made of multi-layered surfaces of fine poplar, which ensures top quality and at the same time a low weight.

They are covered with fine and resistant HPL Abet, Arpa or Formica laminated layered surfaces (HPL laminated surfaces provide excellent resistance to war and steam, high hygiene levels and are easy to clean).

There are as many as five different finishes available with fine and elegant textures:

  • classic OLMO BIANCO
  • modern PORTOFINO
  • precious MERCADANTE in a nano-tech FENIX finish
  • the extremely bright and elegant Total White
  • glamourous Toucher

Our OLMO BIANCO, PORTOFINO, MARCADANTE and Toucher finishes are always combined with white to provide a bright, light and relaxing contrast.

Each client can choose the desired finish and add a unique feel to the interiors of their Wingamm.

Our selection

The customisation options of the interiors includes a selection of styles, which are all fine ‘jacquard’ fabrics which are highly resistant to wear and are combined with ivory faux leather to make them easier to clean.

  • Grigio Pompei
  • Azzurro Capri
  • Mowingui
  • Ivory faux embroidered leather

Plus, for our most discerning clients, we can also offer a wide selection of genuine leather upholstery.