In 2009 we decided it was time to replace old, dull conventional entrance doors made of aluminium (with their same old external frames, visible hinges and visible amounts of silicone which get dirty and quickly go black) with a new and better alternative – a light and sturdy fibreglass door (and external lockers) without any visible hinges and especially no external silicone!

Of course, this then led us to want new and improved handles and external locks. We clearly had to come up with something innovative and, above all, safer compared to the usual ones used by all other manufacturers.

The result: we got rid of the traditional external door handles and adopted a sturdy Fiat lock/handle for the entrance door and designed a truly innovative, unique CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM which also offered improved security.

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Technological innovation reinvents design

Of course, the project also brought with it new expectations regarding handles and external locks.

It was impossible not to propose something new, innovative and above all safer than the usual plastic handles.

We have eliminated all external door handles, adopted a solid Fiat lock handle for the entrance door and designed a CENTRALIZED LOCKING SYSTEM that is absolutely innovative and unique in the sector.

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Fiberglass door - Uncategorized - camper