Engineered for your comfort since 1977

40 years of constant investment in R&D, of increasingly exciting challenges and with a single objective in our hearts and minds:


In 1982, we were the first company who dreamed of, designed and made the first camper with a fibreglass monocoque bodywork. At the time, we wanted to make a camper bodywork with a truly innovative feel compared to traditional ones, and a camper with a strong identity, as at the time campers were already all looking more or less similar.

At Wingamm, we have never been fond of the aesthetics of bodywork with assembled panels and a very structured design.

Wingamm campers were created with a fibreglass monocoque bodyshell and a dynamic and distinctive design that expresses all its personality without any compromises.

We always wondered, “Why should our customers do without the safety, reliability, comfort and elegance that they chose for their homes and cars when they’re on holiday?”

As a result, our constant research lead us to an innovative, bold style for which Wingamm would always be well known.

A fibreglass monocoque bodywork also gives a distinctive Design.

Il design è pulito, chiaramente definito. Come dice la parola stessa la monoscocca è realizzata esclusivamente, interamente in vetroresina forgiata all’interno di uno stampo chiuso. Non vi sono bandelle applicate, profili esterni, cerniere sporgenti, mix di materiali plastica, alluminio, siliconi. NO.

It has a smooth, well-defined design. The monocoque bodyshell is made with fibreglass moulded in a closed mould. There are no strips, external profiles, protruding hinges, mixes of plastic material, aluminium and silicones. NO.

The fibreglass monocoque bodywork is moulded from a single material to ensure Resistance, Reliability, Lightness, Efficiency and Elegance.

W – Extraordinary Journey!

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The Wingamm Experience is designed for adventurous travellers who want to enjoy the untouched nature, history and traditions of old villages, reach lesser-known destinations off the beaten track without compromises, and follow alternative routes safe in the comfort of a high-performance camper.


The fibreglass monocoque body

The monocoque and passive safety

Floor Comfort System

Garage X-Trafit System

Insulated fibreglass lockers

Insulated and heated tanks

The fibreglass entrance door

Automotive Concept

THIRD retractable hinge


The drop-down bed

Acoustic comfort